Mothers if you...

  • Struggle to balance caring for your children with taking time for yourself
  • Miss doing those things that make you feel most like YOU
  • Feel overwhelmed and isolated
  • Feel disconnected from your creativity and inspiration
  • Want to build your own business that allows you to contribute your unique gifts AND meet the needs of your family
  • Feel a chronic deficit of time and energy for yourself
  • Want to be more present and engaged with your children..
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    can serve you

If you’re like most new (or not-so-new) moms you probably aren’t sleeping. You may be feeling incessant guilt about not doing enough. You may have lost connection to the depth of who you are and who you knew yourself to be before children. Maybe you can’t feel your creativity. Maybe you are feeling torn between returning to the corporate world or finding a way to be your own boss and be with your kids. Maybe you’ve let go of dreams because you can’t see how they would fit in anymore, or because you’re simply too exhausted to think about them. You want to feel enthusiastic when your baby wakes you at 6 am but instead you feel grumpy and ashamed that all you really want to do is roll over and go back to sleep. Yes, you’re functioning, but just barely, and from a place of depletion..

The raw truth is that you’re living inside of a chronic deficit of time and energy for yourself, which can lead to feelings of resentment, followed by guilt and shame. You deeply love your children but you just want 30 minutes to be in your own headspace! You wonder what happened to that romantic image of motherhood—you know the one where you and your children live perpetually inside a hazy bubble of bliss? You long to be that perfect, conscious mother who is deeply present and loving towards her children. But so often you find yourself repeating those same things your own mother said that you swore you’d never say. Even as the words pass your lips you know they do not reflect your truth as a mother and yet you feel powerless to stop them.


If this is you, you are not alone

You are not a failure.

You are simply living out of an old story about what it means to be a mother.

You may think the problem is that you don’t have enough time for yourself. Or maybe you believe you simply aren’t cut out to be a mom. I’m here to tell you that neither is true. The real problem is your orientation. Like so many of us, you have been swallowed whole by motherhood. And the net loss of that is that you’re feeling depleted, disconnected from yourself, from your creativity, and perhaps at the very worst kind of depressed, stuck, and isolated, which ultimately impacts your ability not only to be a great mother but also to bring the fullness of who you are into all areas of your life.

Making the shift

What I’ve found is that there’s an old way of relating to motherhood that we’ve inherited from our foremothers that’s really outdated and we actually need to make a shift into a new orientation—a way where we can be the engaged mothers that we long to be and not disappear ourselves in the process. In my journey, both as a mother to my own 3 children and a midwife to hundreds of other mothers, I have discovered that there are 3 key elements in creating this shift from surviving to thriving. These keys help you move from reacting to creatively responding to your children. When you apply these principles to your life you move into the possibility that motherhood could actually be something that expands and fuels your creativity, your compassion, your depth, and ultimately your destiny! .

The Possibility

Imagine what might become possible if you were able to bring those unique qualities that make you who you are— into your mothering and into your life. Perhaps you’ve sensed this opportunity, this inner knowing that ultimately the most your can offer your children is your own best self...

Take The Leap

If you’re ready to make the leap and move toward this possibility I want you to know that I’ve created a program designed especially for you, the striving, struggling mother who can sense that there’s a better way. My program will support you to move from isolation to connection, from depletion to radiance, from overwhelm to overflowing inspiration, and from feeling off course to being aligned with your greatest potentials. Think for a moment about how this would affect your children, your partner, your community and the world! It’s actually crucial for mothers to make this shift because... let’s face it, we are the models for our children, the leaders of our families, and the backbone of our communities. Our well-being and radiance have the power to ripple outward in exponential ways and really catalyze the evolution of our world!


Tap into your creativity, your power, your intuition


What would become possible if you didn’t disappear yourself in service to your children but continued to grow yourself, knowing intuitively that your children’s growth is linked directly to your own? The possibility is nothing less than realizing your full potential and power both as a mother and a woman. If you want to rediscover yourself, if you want to feel connected to your creativity, your power, your intuition, and your impulse to become the person you were born to become then I’m inviting you to join me for a transformational 8 week virtual course with other mothers who are on the same path.

Harness the energy of renewal this season and make 2018 the year that you

Replenish Your Essence

In this 8 week virtual course you will discover the 3 key
elements to Replenish Your Essence


About Corina Fitch


Corina Fitch is a transformational facilitator who guides pregnant women and mothers in navigating the balance between motherhood, self-care and deeper callings. As a midwife and mother of 3 daughters, she understands firsthand the universal struggle to hold it all. Over her 18 years as a midwife, Corina’s approach deepened as she began to understand the profound impact of the mother’s emotional well-being on fetal development. She discovered that what she loved the most about her work was midwifing the transformation of identity that women go through in becoming a mother. She began to delve deeper with the women she served, both in service to creating the most optimal beginning for their babies as well as to guide them toward their own hidden potentials. Out of this process Corina birthed her 4th “baby”, MotherFly, an organization whose mission is to midwife a new model for motherhood, one that honors both the innate desire to be a parent and the deep desires for self-actualization and larger contribution. MotherFly programs support, inspire, and empower pregnant women and mothers to achieve their highest callings and become the best versions of themselves both in the home and out in the world.

With your registration for the course you will receive

  • Eight 90 minute live course sessions
  • Three 60 minute live coaching calls (one for each module)
  • Practice and Reflection questions for each module to keep you engaged in the course materials
  • Access to a private FB community page where you can share what’s opening up for you with other mothers in the course and give and receive support
  • 1 recorded yoga nidra meditation
  • Recordings of all course trainings and coaching calls

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Come reconnect, rediscover, replenish, and remember that self that you truly recognize as who you are at the deepest level, in a way that’s reigniting and reactivating and allows you to be able to bring that deep connection to yourself back into your mothering, and, ultimately, so you can feel on purpose with your larger destiny and what you’re here for. Join me and other moms like yourself as we reclaim the fullness of ourselves as women and as mothers.

Course begins May 4, 2018

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